Thursday, February 24, 2011

A New Dawn

In this day and age we, as an American society, are beginning to truly understand the importance of physical health. With healthcare reform in the works and the cost on the rise it justly makes sense to seek out alternatives to synthetic medicine. A good and sensible start is on our plates.

Many people do not realize that maintaining great health is simple and obtainable. The rewards are bountiful. Here we will share with you articles, videos, and personal stories on various facets of health and fitness. We encourage every one to share their experiences and express their opinions, with RESPECT.

We believe every one should have access to good information on health and fitness. This is our attempt to get it out there to the public. We are a group with diverse food lifestyles whom continuously focus our efforts on achieving our personal health goals. We do not expect any one person or group to eat or see health the same. What we will be doing is abolishing the myths, and discovering the truth based on individual results. We see this as important due to the fact that no one person's body works exactly the same. For example, metabolic rate, blood pressure, digestion, etc. Hence, we hope to get our followers to network in order to find their dietary matches.

We do not promote any one way of reaching absolute health. We look forward to exploring the many paths to this one mutual goal with you. Visit us bi-weekly for the latest topic in health & fitness. Thank you for your support!